BareNumbersOS is a 64-bit operating system, monotasking
with multicore support.
It is a hobbystic project for educational purpose
and personal use.
It is written entirely in assembly language, so it is
small, fast and simple.
The compiler used is FASM (http://www.flatassembler.net/).

The interaction with the OS is realized by the command line interface both in text mode and graph mode.
As from version 0.3 there is full support for VESA
graphic modes.

The OS can use up to 256 cores and 256 GiB of RAM (64 GiB
-Minimum hardware requirement.
CPU 64 bit (x86-64) multicore
RAM 32 MiB
Hard Disk PATA (IDE)
Graphic Card VBE 2+
Keyboard PS2
USB Pen drive (for booting only)

-Old style programming: a brief comment.

In the early time of arising of home computer the programming was a fun:
from C64 to DOS with few GOSUB, PRINT or repeat..until you could to write a simple program and view the result of your ideas quickly.
Moreover you could to modify in deep the operating system's behaviour and interact with hardware directly.
Now is different.

Complex frameworks, OOP, event-driven, big libraries, graphic layers, managed types, multitasking, dozen of languages and millions of lines of code in the operating systems make the programming a nightmare, especially for a programmer in the beginning time.
I think BareNumbersOS may be a useful tool in this case, whether for writing programs or developting operating systems.
You can view it as a new enhanced DOS with 64bit and multicore support with which you known exactly what your computer is doing.

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